Global Material Recycling is a company that was founded in Austin, Texas in December 2011. The founders have experience in the electronics recycling industry since 2008 when they first founded Green Austin Technologies, along with other business partners.

In order to expand and improve recycling operations they decided to re-structure the company as a way to better reach the company goals as listed below:

VISION: G.M. Recycling’s vision is to become Austin’s computer recycling company of choice and offer the best Computers and Electronics recycling service that you can depend on.

MISSION: G.M. Recycling’s mission is to keep old computer/parts out from our landfills by reusing,┬áremarketing or recycling.

We will offer an affordable computer recycling service.
We will be up-front and honest about our services.
We will make sure no electronics or computer related equipment goes to our landfills.