We are no longer located at the North Lamar warehouse. Please DO NOT DROP OFF anymore e-waste there, as we are no longer working out of that building. We are still collecting your e-waste, but we don’t have a drop off location. If you have e-waste to be recycled, please contact us.

Global Material Recycling have been working in the recycling industry since 2008 collecting old computers, servers, and other IT equipment and electronics in the City of Austin and surrounding areas of Central Texas.

We do not have a drop off location but we are offering a FREE PICKUP service for your old, broken, or obsolete computer equipment. If you have any excess of this kind of products we will come to you. (Minimum quantities apply,  please contact us first).

For a detail of what we are recycling, please check our services.


Global Material Recycling is a company that was founded in Austin, Texas in December 2011. The founders have experience in the electronics recycling industry since 2008 when they founded Green Austin Technologies, along with other business partners.

In order to expand and improve recycling operations they decided to re-structure the company as a way to better reach the company goals as listed below:

VISION: G.M. Recycling’s vision is to become Austin’s computer recycling company of choice and offer the best Computers and Electronics recycling service that you can depend on.

MISSION: G.M. Recycling’s mission is to keep old computer/parts out from our landfills by reusing, remarketing or recycling.

We will offer an affordable computer recycling service.

We will be up-front and honest about our services.

We will make sure no electronics or computer related equipment goes to our landfills.

Our Services


  • We can recycle your old, broken computers and electronics for FREE. If you don’t have the minimum quantity of items required for a free pickup service, please contact us, we might be able to find a way to help you or a least point you in the right direction.
  • If you or your Organization, Business or Company have BIG quantities of computers and electronics to recycle (i.e. enough to fill up a pick up truck bed, a pallet,  a truck load or more), we will offer you a FREE PICKUP service. Please contact us with a description of what you have for recycle and we will reply to let you know if your items qualify, and to schedule a convenient pickup date and time.

We can take for recycle the following items:

  • Audio Equipment
  • Barebone Computers
  • Cables of any kind
  • Cellphones and their batteries
  • Computer scrap parts
  • Consumer electronics
  • Desktop computers
  • DVD and VCR players
  • Electronic boards
  • IT equipment
  • Keyboards
  • Laptop computers and their batteries
  • LCD/LED computer monitors
  • Mice
  • Modems
  • Motherboards
  • Network Routers and Switches
  • Semiconductor tools
  • Server computers
  • Smartphones and their batteries
  • Stereo Components
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Telecom equipment
  • UPS devices
  • Video production equipment (including guitar amps and some music instruments)
  • And, any other computer equipment

Unfortunately at this time we are not taking for recycle any CRT (old big and bulky) TV’s, free standing printers (big, bulky, on wheels) and/or household appliances

For desktop printers of any kind please contact us first


  • We will wipe your DATA for sure, we can wipe Hard Drives in a way that data won’t be recoverable.
  • We have the best rates for Data Destruction service as well, just contact us to find out.
  • Depending on quantities, we might be able to pick up all your hard drives for FREE.


If you have Computers, Networking or other IT equipment  for recycle please contact us here:

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